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Over 40's Mature Dating UK

We have thousands of mature singles online everyday and many success stories. Join our over 40's dating site today to our experience expert match making.

Over 40s Dating

At Silver And Single we specialise in uniting the over 40s with the right partners. With a solid foundation of many thousands of mature single people in our network, we have every confidence that it wont be long until our members have secured dates or just begun chatting to interesting new people.Online dating is on the rise in the UK and the associated stigma really is a thing of the past. Dating and find new partners online is not just for the younger generations but also for the over 40s. Many of our members have acheived fantastic success stories and will endeavour to continue helping more to do the same.

Senior and Still Single .

Whatever your reasons be being or becoming single at a more senior age, you have come to the right place. Our members have rich detailed profiles and are usually very open with eachother about circumstances. As such we find that healthy honest and open relationships are often formed from within our seniors single network. During 2011 we are pleased to say that our senior singles network has continued to grow and we have an extensive database of men an women throughout the UK.

Mature Dating in the UK

SilverAndSingle Is for the over 40s but we also have a large volume of single men and women in the over 50s and 60s category. We are proud to be able to offer a large target audience to all our new members, who are usually pleasantly surpised as to how many mature singles they find local to themselves. We have an extremely active membership across London and the south but also in the north and throughout the british isles.